Frequently Asked Questions

How do I place an order?

Have you made a choice and would you like to order something from our website? Then follow the following steps:

1. Go to the product page of the product you want to order.
2. Click on "Add to cart". The button turns green as an indication that the product has been placed in your shopping basket.
3. Click on the shopping cart at the top right of your screen. When you click on the shopping cart, then click on "To shopping cart".
4. Check your shopping cart. If you are satisfied, click on "Continue to checkout".
5. Select your shipping method.
6. Enter your details under "shipping address".
7. Choose your payment method.
8. Click on "Place your order now". Your order is being placed!

I cannot find my confirmation e-mail. Where is it?

Have you checked your email address? After all, a typo is easily made. If your email address is incorrect, let us know. We will send you a copy of your invoice as a confirmation.

Is your e-mail correct and do you have an account on You can check your order in your account. If you find your order there you can accept this as confirmation.

Can't find your order in your account or don't have an account? Let us know. We check your order and send a copy of your invoice as confirmation if the order has been received correctly.

I see a very low price on your website, is this correct?

On a regular basis you can find good promotions on our website. We mention them here.

However, if there is a very low price or discount code, there may be a "manifest error". If there is a manifest error with regard to the price or conditions of a product or service, 50five does not have to deliver the product and we may cancel the order. 

If you wish to purchase a product or service at 50five, we expect that you have researched the price of the product or service in advance. E.g. what a product / service of the same brand and with the same characteristics costs at other companies.

If the price differs a lot and you have doubts about the price of the product or service, please contact us to check the price. We will be happy to sort it out for you.

I want to cancel my order. How do I do that?

Do you want to cancel your order? That is of course unfortunate! We ship your order the same day, so your order will be packed quickly. Contact us immediately. Hopefully we will be just in time. If not, you can refuse the package at the door.

If you are not at home and the package has been delivered to the neighbours, please contact us. We will send you a return label. Note: within 30 days* (right of return).


There are a few exceptions to the 30 days return period. You can read more about that here.

I cannot provide my VAT number. What do I do now?

At the moment it is unfortunately not possible to provide your VAT number when ordering. No worries, we can always adjust the invoice afterwards. Please contact us with your order number, company name, and VAT number and we will be happy to adjust the invoice.

Optionally, we can also prepare a quote with the correct information immediately. We then need the following information from you:

  1. Company Name
  2. VAT number
  3. Delivery address
  4. Overview of the products you want to order

Keep in mind that an order via a personal quote has a longer delivery time as it is a manual process.

I can no longer find a certain product on your website. Do you still sell this product?

It is possible that the product you want to order is sold out or is temporarily out of stock. You will not find it via the search results. You can still find the product if you go to the product category and tick "sold out" in the filters.

If your desired product is marked as sold out and you would like to know if the product is still available, please contact us and we will find it out for you.

Do you charge shipping costs?

We ship orders of £100 or more for free. If your order is below £100 we charge £4,95 shipping costs. This will be calculated automatically in your shopping cart.

What delivery time can I expect?

If your order is placed before 9.00 pm, it is dispatched the same day. All our orders are shipped with GLS. You will receive your parcel within 3 business days.

I entered a wrong shipping address. What should I do?

Entering a wrong address when you order can always happen. We can often change your address, but only if you contact us quickly after your order.

Your billing address can always be changed. Communicate the desired changes to our customer service and we will make sure that it is adjusted.

What do I do if I am not at home when my parcel arrives?

If possible, the courier will leave the package with your neighbour.

Otherwise, he will leave a notification card in the mailbox and drop off your parcel at the nearest GLS ParcelShop.

I did not receive my Track and Trace number. Why?

You will receive the Track and Trace number as soon as your parcel is dispatched.

Which countries do you ship to?

We can ship your order to most European countries.

For the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany and the United Kingdom, there is no shipping cost for orders over €100.00 / £100.00. Shipping costs are only for orders below €100.00 / £100.00.

Do you want to place an order from another country? Then contact us. We would need:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Product (type + quantity)

We will gladly find out for you how much the shipping costs are. If you are interested in the product(s), we are happy to prepare a personal quotation for you.

How can I pay?

You can pay your order using Paypal, a credit card -MasterCard, American Express and Visa- or a Maestro card. Rest assured that all our payments methods are perfectly safe. Most payment methods are free. We charge administration costs of 1,5% of the purchase price for PayPal.

What’s included in the price?

All prices listed in our shop include VAT. Shipping is free for orders above £100, and returns within 30 days* are free. Orders placed before 8:00 PM are dispatched the same day. In short, the price shown is the total price. 

There are a few exceptions to the 30 days return period. You can read more about that here.


Why has my credit card payment been declined?

If you choose credit card as a payment method when ordering, it can happen that the payment is rejected. Payments linked to a credit card are checked for fraud sensitivity. We do not naturally assume that you commit fraud, but checks are carried out for this. The details of this process cannot be shared, and neither can the reason for rejection. The above can also occur with a PayPal payment.

If a payment is rejected and you still want to order, we would recommend trying another browser / incognito tab or choose another available payment method.

How to return my order?

Once your order has shipped, you have 30 days* from the date of receipt to return your product.

Go to your customer account and open the "My Orders" tab. Select the order you want to return and open it. Select “Ask for a return”. This will take you to a form that you will need to complete in order to receive a free return label from us.. Click on "Send".

You will receive a confirmation email confirming that we have received your request. 50five will then contact you and send you a return label so that you can return the product. We recommend that you wait for our label to receive the free return.Use the label we are going to send you. Otherwise, the return fees will be at your own cost

If you do not have an account, click here to fill out the return form. You will receive a confirmation email confirming that we have received your request. You should receive the return label within 3 days.

If you return the product within 30 days* of testing, please return your order in the original packaging and use the original packing slip. The product must be like new. This way, your refund can be processed as soon as possible.

If you return the product as part of its warranty (after 30 days*, but within 2 years), the product must be perfectly packaged (in another box if you have lost the original packaging) in order to prevent the product from being damaged during shipping.

If you no longer have the original slip, please hand write or print a note with your contact information and order number and put it in your package. This will help us identify your order and manage your refund quickly.

If you have an account, you will be able to follow the status of your request, ask questions or submit additional comments by opening your request online.


There are a few exceptions to the 30 days return period. You can read more about that here.

What does a “30-day return policy “ mean?

You can exercise your right of withdrawal and return your purchase within 30 days* of the physical receipt of the product. If you wish to return a product, please fill out the return form in your customer account or here if you don’t have an account.

Your right to return your purchase expires 30 days* after the moment you receive it.

• If you ordered products that were delivered to you separately: 30 days* after you received the last product

• If you ordered a product consisting of several parts that were sent to you separately: 30 days* after receiving the last component.

You can only return a complete product, with any included accessories, including any batteries.

If you have difficulties to find our return form, please use this European model form.


There are a few exceptions to the 30 days return period. You can read more about that here.

Exceptions to the 30 days return period

At 50five we offer you a 30 days return period. There are, however, some exceptions to the rule. For these products the legal 14 days return period is applicable. Keep that in mind when making your purchase.

The exceptions are:

  • Heat pumps
  • Boilers
  • EV chargers

I have ordered a bundle, but wish to return part of it. Is this possible?

We're sorry to read you wish to return part of your bundle order, but of course this is possible. However, do be advised that it is possible that the bundle discount is no longer applicable.
Say you ordered two products in a bundle and you wish to return one. The discount for that other product is no longer applicable. This can affect the amount you receive back.

What is the warranty period?

For private customers, the warranty on our products in 24 months, starting from the transfer of risk date. Please keep your invoice (either on paper or the electronic version) as proof of purchase. Some products are subject to a longer warranty period, check the product details.

If you are a business customer, a warranty of 12 months is applicable for every purchase, unless a different period of warranty is mentioned on the website.

What are the warranty limitations?

The warranty period starts on the date of transfer of risk (see terms and conditions).


Warranty cannot be claimed in case of intentionally caused damaged or negligence, improper use or improper maintenance, normal wear and tear or damage from failure or improper observance of the instructions.



What kind of coupon codes can I get?

There are different types of coupon codes: a discount can exist of a percentage or a certain amount of money. The code could be a discount on the entire order or per product.

The coupon codes have an expiration date which is communicated in combination with the code.

Each coupon code can only be used once.

You cannot combine two coupon codes at the same time.

How can I use my coupon code?

Enter your code in the box shown in your shopping cart.

The shopping cart will display the discount amount.

I have received a discount code, but it is not working. What should I do?

Your discount code is not working? If so, check the following:

  1. Check the spelling of the code. Especially: capital letters, numbers, letters, etc.
  2. Check the validity date of the code.
  3. Does the discount code come from one of our partners? Then it may be that the discount only works via a specific link. Check if you use the link that you received from our partner.

Have you tried all these tips and it still doesn't work? Then contact us.

My discount code has expired. Can I still use it?

If you have a (personal) discount code, check the expiry date carefully. After the expiry date, your discount code is unfortunately no longer valid. Keep an eye on our newsletter or website for new promotions.

Can I get a new discount code?

All discount codes have a start and end date. As soon as they are no longer listed on our own website, the discount codes are no longer valid. It is not possible to use them afterwards.

However, keep an eye on our specific page with codes. Who knows, there might be a new code soon! You can also subscribe to our newsletter to stay informed of new promotions.

Is it possible to use multiple coupon codes for one product/order?

Unfortunately it's not possible to use multiple coupon codes for one product/order.

What are the costs of an installation?

The price of an installation depends on the complexity of the installation and therefore on the time that our experts are working on it. A separate installation voucher costs £99.98 and is valid for one product and one hour. The installation can be cheaper if it is bought in a product bundle.

What is included in the installation?

The following items are included in the installation:

  1. A true smart home expert who comes to visit you.
  2. Tools required for installation.
  3. The materials supplied for the products.
  4. A free Wi-Fi check to see if your internet is strong enough at the installation site.
  5. Advice, tips and explanation regarding your product.
  6. Pairing of the device with the app.

You may need additional material for installation. For example, to drill a hole for concealing a cable. These materials are not included in the installation and will be charged. An invoice will be sent to you afterwards to settle the extra costs.

Are there any terms and conditions for smart product installation?

Yes, we have some general terms and conditions in writing specifically for installation work. If you have any questions about this, please contact us for further explanation.

See the general installation terms and conditions

How do I request an installation?

Have you ordered a product without included installation service, but you need advice, or want to have it installed? If you order an installation voucher, we will then contact you within a few days to make an appointment.

The installation can also be bundled with other products. Keep an eye on the product pages for this.

Do you install any product from your website?

We currently provide installation for cameras, doorbells, audio systems, thermostats and Wi-Fi products. Your product isn’t listed? Then contact us for the possibilities.

Do you also install smart thermostats?

We can also help you with the installation of your new thermostat. This can however be a bit more complicated than other devices, so we need some more information from you before we can schedule an appointment.

We ask you the following:

  1. Do you have a central heating boiler or district heating?
  2. What is the brand and type of your boiler?
  3. Do you want to hang the thermostat on a wall or place it on a stand?
  4. Do you want to have your radiator valves replaced? If so, how many?
  5. Do you have underfloor heating? If so, do you want to divide it into 1 or more zones?
  6. Do you have a bypass in your pipes?

We also need the following photos of your current installation(s):

  1. Of all radiator knobs and valves
  2. Of the underfloor heating distributor
  3. Of the pipes, including bypass if any

Are you unsure about the answer to the above questions? Then contact us and we will help you further.

Would you like to know more? Please consult our FAQ pages.

Questions about our products?

Do you have questions related to the products that we sell on If so, do not hesitate to contact us.

Products - General - A part of my order has been broken. Do you have a spare part for me?

How annoying that one of the parts is broken. In this situation, we would need photos of the broken part, as this will help us identify the defect. Please send the picture to

We cannot always send spare parts, because we do not always have all of them in our range. If we do not have the needed part and the defect is covered by the warranty, we will gladly exchange the entire product.

Products - General - How can I check if my WiFi is strong enough? (speed test)

First of all, it is important to measure the speed of your internet connection where you want to install your smart device. This is possible with the help of a speed test.

Why is speed important? If the speed is not high enough, the internet connection may be lost, so that you do not receive notifications, or the product will respond slowly.

How do you perform a speed test? First go to the place where your smart device is installed. On your mobile device, go to a site where you can perform a speed test, such as Perform the speed test. Most products require a speed of 2 Mbps up and down. If your speed is too low, consider a Wi-Fi amplifier.

If your speed is high enough, then an installation should not be a problem. Please note that interference may occur on the Wi-Fi channel. In our other article about Wi-Fi analyzers we explain how you can test this and what you can do to resolve any problems with it.

Products - General - How can I check if my WiFi is strong enough? (wifi analyzers)

First of all, it is important to measure the speed of your internet connection where you want to install your smart device. This is possible with the help of a speed test. You can learn more about this in our article about performing a speed test.

If your speed is fast enough, it is also smart to test the channel using a Wi-Fi analyser. You can download and use a Wi-Fi analyser app where you want to install your smart device.

You can use the analyser to find the best channel or place for your router / access point by simply analysing your wireless network with a mobile device. The test may show that you may have to change channels. Your internet provider can often help you with this.

Products - General - Problems / updates with the app

Is the app of your product not working? Can't log in? Then contact the manufacturer. They have access to your account. For privacy reasons, we as a seller do not have this insight. We are also not allowed to contact then on your behalf, because personal data may have to be communicated.

If the manufacturer cannot solve the problem, we will gladly help you further. To find out what we can do for you, we need information from you. This information is explained in this article. Please note, this article is subdivided into heating questions. However, most questions can be applied to all types of products.

Products - General - I cannot scan the QR code of the product

Problems when scanning a QR code can often be resolved by adjusting the brightness of the screen of your mobile device. Please check whether some camera filters are on. For example, whether a "blue light" filter is set on your mobile.

If scanning still does not work, check whether you have the option of manually entering a code. This is often a serial number, which you can find on the product.

If you cannot solve it, please contact us. Do not forget to specify which product is involved and what exactly goes wrong. We will then gladly look for a solution.

Products - Security - Tips against theft

In this article we give you tips to protect your camera and video images.

  1. Place your camera in plain view.

This can deter intruders. Think of a place that is in view of an intruder. The intruder sees the light on the camera and knows that he / she is being filmed!

  1. Attach the power cord (properly).

If you have a camera with a power cord, make sure that the cable is properly connected to a power outlet. This makes it less easy remove.

  1. Save your video images in the cloud.

Save the video images in the cloud. If the camera is stolen, or if it is damaged, you can still see what happened through the images in the cloud. The advantage of this is that only you can view these recordings.

You will find other tips on the Google Nest website

Products - Security - Which cameras work without a subscription?

We have a number of cameras for which you do not need a subscription:

1 All Nedis network surveillance camera (indoor camera)

2 Woox R4024 smart cameras

3 All Ezviz cameras

4 All Foscam cameras

5 All Arlo security system

6 All Somfy indoor & outdoor cameras

7 Netatmo welcome camera

8 Eminent EM6350 camline pro outdoor security camera

9 Netatmo Presence outdoor

10 Click on Wi-Fi security camera with night vision - Ipcam-2000

You do need a subscription for the following cameras if you want to use all functionalities:

1 All Nest indoor & outdoor cameras

2 All Ring indoor & outdoor cameras



Products - Security - Which security cameras can I use to save recordings on my NAS?

You can save the videos from the cameras below on a NAS:

  • Arlo Pro 2 - IP Camera / 2 cameras
  • Eminent EM6330 IP Camera
  • Foscam FI9803P Outdoor IP camera
  • Eminent EM6325 CamLine Pro 720p HD IP Security Camera
  • Foscam FI9900EP Outdoor PoE IP camera
  • Foscam FI9961EP PoE 2MP Full HD IP camera
  • Foscam Ip-cam Foscam Fi9900p Outdoor Silver
  • Foscam FI9800P Outdoor IP Camera

Products - Security - Do I have to have a subscription with a Nest or Ring camera / doorbell?

If you want to use all the functions that Nest and Ring offer you need a subscription. If you want to see older video images again, then this is definitely necessary. Likewise, if you want to use Nest’s facial recognition feature.

You can find the various Nest subscriptions at the Google Nest Help Center.

You can find the various Ring subscriptions on the Ring website.

Products - Security - Nest Aware

Nest Aware is a subscription through which you can use all the functionality of the Nest app, such as setting activity zones, saving your video images, face recognition (only with Nest IQ) and receiving better activity notifications.

Every Nest security product that you purchase has a standard 1 month Nest Aware trial subscription. After 1 month the subscription and the functionalities expire. Only the basic functionalities are then still valid; live image and motion reports.

As of May 2020 you no longer need a separate subscription per device. You can find all subscriptions here on the Nest store. On the Nest website you can see the three different subscriptions that you can choose from. You can also close them here. Do you have problems with your subscription? Then we advise you to contact Nest. We cannot view account information due to the privacy of your data.

Products - Security - What do I need to install the Nest Hello?

There are several things that you need to take into account for installation of the Nest Hello.

Installation package

The minimum that you need in addition to the Nest Hello itself is the Nest Helle installation pack. It contains the right transformer and basic connection materials to connect the Nest Hello. The transformer is particularly important. Without this transformer, the Nest Hello will not receive the correct voltage. If you connect the Nest Hello without a transformer, it will burn through. This is not covered by the warranty.


With the basic package, your Nest Hello has the right power supply. When someone rings the bell, you will receive a notification via your app. However, you do not hear any ringing noise in the house. If you want to hear a sound, there are a few options.

  1. You have smart solutions, such as a Google speaker. This speaker lets you know if someone is at the door. In combination with a Nest Aware subscription, it can even tell you who is at the door through facial recognition. It can even do much more, so this can be the start of a fully smart home system. Please see our our Google speakers.
  2. 2. The second option is to connect to your current doorbell. For this you need a relay and the fitting for the chime.


If the installation fails, we can also install it for you, when you purchase our installation voucher.

Products – EV Chargers - Which charging station do I need for my home?

The choice of a charging station depends on your car. The car can be charged either 1-phase or 3-phase. A 1-phase car can also be charged with a 3-phase charger and vice versa. Keep in mind that this has consequences for the charging speed. For more explanation about the difference between 1-phase and 3-phase, see our support page.

With a 3-phase charger you are ready for any adjustments in the future. For a 3-phase charger, however, it is necessary to have a 3-phase connection in your meter cupboard. If you do not know what kind of connection you have, you can request this from your electricity supplier. If you have a 1-phase connection and you want this adjusted to a 3-phase connection, then only the electricity supplier is authorised to perform this work in your meter cupboard.

Products – EV Chargers - What is the difference between 1-phase and 3-phase?

1-phase - 3.7 kW

A 1-phase charger works on 230V. This enters your meter cupboard through a single-phase wire. This concerns a 35A or 40A connection in most situations. The maximum load capacity is 7.4 kW. Each meter cupboard has at least a 1-phase connection.

3 phase - 11kW

A 3-phase charger works on 400V (power current). This enters your meter cupboard through three phase wires. This concerns a 3 x 25A connection in most situations. The maximum load capacity is 22 kW. If you have a 1-phase connection and you want this adjusted to a 3-phase connection, then only the network operator is authorised to perform this work in your meter cupboard.


You can read on our support page exactly what this means for your home and your other devices. 

Products – EV Chargers - How does a 1-phase or 3-phase charger work?


If there is a 1-phase connection in the meter cupboard, then you have a maximum of 35A or 40A. One meter of wire enters your meter. This connection is split into groups after the meter. Each group has a maximum number of A, which influences the maximum number of kWh. The number of kWh depends on the number A on the group.

For a 1-phase charger, a capacity of at least 16A is required. This means that you have 35A - 16A = 19A left for the other equipment in your home. A 1-phase charger at 16A produces 3.7kWh to charge the car

To make your meter cupboard suitable for a 1-phase charger, it is necessary to install a 1-phase earth leakage circuit breaker. Keep in mind that there must be enough space in the meter cupboard for this.



With a 3-phase connection you usually have three times 25A. Three phase wires enter your meter. These connections are split into groups after the meter. Each group has a maximum number of A, which influences the maximum number of kWh. The number of kWh depends on the number A on the group.

For a 3-phase charger, a capacity of at least 16A is required. The charger is connected to all 3 phases. It is possible to search for the limit of 25A and to increase the charging speed. This is possible with dynamic load balancing. Find out more on our support page.

To make your meter cupboard suitable for a 3-phase charger, it is necessary to install a 3-phase system. In addition, it is necessary to have DC leak detection. This is possible with a Type B earth leakage circuit breaker. This switch also detects direct current in the event of a leak. This is not necessary for normal equipment, but it is for a charger for electric cars. In some situations, the DC leak detection is built into the charger. A type A earth circuit breaker is then enough. Keep in mind that there must be enough space in the meter cupboard for this.

Products – EV Chargers - How do I check if I have a 1-phase or 3-phase connection?

There are a few ways you can recognize whether you have 1-phase or 3-phase connection.

First check the meter. Is there 220 / 230V here? Then it is a 1-phase group cabinet. Is there 3x220 / 230V or 380 / 400V here? Then it is a 3-phase connection.

Sometimes there is nothing on the meter. Then look at the wires that come out from underneath the connection. If there are two, you have a 1-phase group cabinet. If there are four, it is a 3-phase connection.

If you can’t see it despite these tips, contact your electricity provider. As the owner of the meter, they can tell you more about the connection.

Products – EV Chargers - Dynamic Load Balancing

Dynamic load balancing ensures that you can make optimal use of the maximum load capacity of the charger, within the available capacity in the home. It prevents the fuses from blowing. This works as follows.

The charger takes into account the energy consumption in the house. When you switch on a device with a high consumption, and the car is charging at that time, the charger reduces it’s consumption. This way the house capacity is not overloaded. If you switch the device off again, the charger will increase its charge speed.

Dynamic load balancing is possible when the charger supports this and a sensor is placed to report the consumption.

An alternative is to secure the charger at a lower power. This reduces the charging speed.

Products – EV Chargers - What is the advantage of charging with a charging station compared to a socket outlet?

Safety is an important reason for choosing to charge with a charging station. If a socket outlet is old, not properly grounded, or installed incorrectly, this can cause problems. Both in the home and to the car.

High power is required for charging a car. A socket may deliver a maximum of 9.6A. Almost all electric cars and plug-in hybrids require more current.

In addition, the charging time is an important factor. The car can be charged faster with a charging station.

Finally, a charging station is better for the battery. When half of the total charging time has elapsed, the battery is charged to 80%. The last 20% is loaded more slowly. This ensures that the battery has a longer life. This process is also known as "trickle charging" or "drip charging".

Products - Heating - Tip: keep your old thermostat

Buying a new thermostat is easy. Of course, you will work to try all the options. However, we recommend that you do not throw away your old thermostat if it still works.


We naturally assume that you can enjoy your new thermostat for many years without any problems. Very occasionally, however, a product can fail. Especially with a defective thermostat in the winter, it is nice if you have a temporary back up. This is to prevent your home from getting cold.

Products - Heating - What is the difference between on-off and modulating / OpenTherm heating?


A boiler can be controlled in two ways by a thermostat: on-off or modulating (also known as OpenTherm connection). Every boiler can be controlled on-off. Not every boiler can be modulated. Sometimes the boiler can be modulated, but a converter is still needed.

But what is the difference between on-off and modulating?


An on-off thermostat works like a light switch. The thermostat can only be "on" or "off". The thermostat switches on when the room is colder than the set temperature on your thermostat. At that moment your boiler starts. When the temperature is reached, your thermostat switches off the central heating boiler.


If you have a modulating thermostat you can have your boiler burn at different positions. This ensures accurate temperature control and that your boiler does not heat unnecessarily. A modulating boiler and thermostat have two-way communication. Your thermostat can therefore also receive information from your boiler.


Products - Heating - I have a malfunction in my boiler / thermostat. What can I do?

If you experience a problem / malfunction at the thermostat, we can help you in many cases. If you experience a problem with the thermostat, please contact us. We would then need you to answer our questionnaire in order to provide you with a solution as quickly as possible.

During winter we are often busier with requests. Therefore, we advise you to check our troubleshoot checklist to see if you can solve the problem yourself.

If the problem is not caused by the thermostat, but comes from the heating system itself, then something else may be the matter. In this case, contact the service engineer. You can often find the contact information of the maintenance engineer on a sticker in the boiler. You can also look for a certified installer in your area.

Which faults are an indication of a problem in the heating system?

  • Leakage
  • Fault code present on the boiler / heat pump display
  • No hot water

Fault in the boiler / heat pump's electronicsvvvv

Products - Heating - What information do we need to help you with a malfunction?

In this article we explain what information we need to help you as well and as quickly as possible with problems with heating products.

We always need the following information:

  • Full name
  • Contact details
  • Order number

Additionally, we need different details per problem. We’ll list the required details for these problems:

  1. Problems with heating
  2. Problems with multizone thermostat
  3. In the event of an error message
  4. Problems with the app
  5. Problems with the Wi-Fi connection or other communication problems 
  6. Problems with heating
  • Brand + type of boiler
  • No boiler? Then we would like to know which type of heating is present in your home
  • Description of the problem
  • What steps have you already completed?
  • In the case of a deviating temperature, please state what this deviation is. In this case we would also like to receive a photo of the thermostat display
  • How long has the problem been present / when did the problem arise?
  • How did you connect the thermostat (on / off or OpenTherm)? If in doubt, send a photo of the connection in the boiler.
  1. Problems with multizone thermostat
  • Information as indicated under the heading "Problems with heating"
  • Which products do you have installed? (the different components)
  • Have other adjustments been made, such as replacing valves, installing a zone valve, etc.?
  1. In the event of an error message
  • The exact error code(s) that you receive
  • An image of the error code
  • Does the error recover automatically?
  1. Problems with the app
  • Description of the problem
  • How long has the problem been present?
  • Have you tested the app on another phone / tablet?
  • Have you already removed and re-installed the app?
  • Keep in mind that the app or account may be the cause of app-related problems. Only the manufacturer can help you with this.


  1. Problems with the Wi-Fi connection or other communication problems

If there is a communication error from the boiler module, please send us a photo of the boiler module and boiler

Products - Heating - Troubleshooting checklist

If you experience a problem, in many cases you can solve it yourself. If you are not sure how to handle this, this article will help you further.

  1. The product no longer starts
  2. Connection problems
  3. Connection with the account/app
  4. Hard reset


  1. The product no longer starts

The product is switched off, does not start up and does not respond to anything anymore? Then there is a good chance that no power is supplied to the device.

  • For a product with a power supply: Have you temporarily unplugged the device from the power outlet? Then check whether the plug is still properly inserted in the socket. If the product still does not work, first test if the product starts up in a different socket.
  • For a product with a battery: batteries can of course run out, sometimes this happens faster than you expect. This may be because, for example, the device has temporarily had connection problems, which means more power was needed from the batteries. Have there been significant temperature changes? Then, too, it may be that the batteries run out faster than usual. We recommend replacing the batteries. Preferably do this with brand new batteries. Always replace batteries with the same type. For example, not all devices can handle rechargeable batteries.


  1. Connection problems

Is your Smart Home device offline in the app? Then check whether the requirements for your Wi-Fi network are still correct. You can, for example, use a speed test or WiFi analyzer to check whether there are any problems with the speed or channel (settings). Also always check what the manufacturer says about the Wi-Fi connection.


  1. Connection with the account / app

Are you experiencing problems with your account? Then have a look at this article.

  1. Hard reset

Does your device not respond to anything anymore? If you have checked the power supply or batteries and the device still does not respond to anything, you can try to perform a hard reset. Consult the manual of your device for this or go to the manufacturer's website to check the reset steps.

If after all steps you still experience problems, please contact us. Don't forget to look at this article so we can help you as soon as possible.

Products - Heating - Emergency Service

Unfortunately, we do not have an emergency service for when you experience problems with your heating system or thermostat. If you want us to install a product, we will of course be happy to see what the next available date is.

The moment you experience problems with the central heating boiler or heat pump, contact the maintenance engineer or heating engineer as soon as possible. For more information, see also this article.

Are you experiencing a malfunction with the thermostat? First check the following article.

If the problem with the thermostat remains, then contact us. In the cold winter months, we are busier than average. In order to help you on your way as quickly as possible, we would like to receive more information.

Products - Multi zone - What is a multi zone system (Tado, Honeywell Evohome)?

With a multi zone system, such as from Tado or Honeywell Evohome, you can set the temperature of each room in your house individually. This is perfect if e.g. you work from home and only want to heat your office, not the rest of the house. Or if the fireplace is on downstairs, this means that the boiler does not start, but you still might want to heat the nursery.

Radiator knobs
A multi zone system usually works with a main thermostat and special radiator knobs, or TRV's. These TRV's have a motor built in, with which they can open or close the radiator valve. This allows hot water to either heat the radiator, or it stops the water from entering the radiator.

Radio waves
The individual components communicate with each other via radio waves. For example, the thermostat can send a signal to the boiler that the boiler must be turned on. At the same time, the thermostat can send a signal to the radiator knobs of the zones that need to be heated to open them. Radio waves are more reliable than Wifi. Just think of the signal from the radio; a transmission tower may be far away from you while you still receiv a good signal.

How does it work with Wifi? The communication between the app and the system runs via Wifi. The app communicates with the thermostat via an internet bridge (built into the Evohome control panel, supplied separately with Tado). This way you can also adjust the temperature of a zone on your phone.

What do I need to keep in mind?
There are a number of things to take into account when purchasing a multi zone system. We discuss this in other articles:
- How do I know if my boiler is compatible with Tado or Evohome?
- Do I need a smart radiator knob on every radiator?
- How do I know if my radiators are suitable?
- I have underfloor heating. Can I also connect that?
- What can I do to make the system work safely?
- I have district or city heating (Dutch). Does that also work with multi zone?

Products - Multi zone - How do I know if my boiler is compatible with a Tado or Evohome system?

Technically all boilers can work with a multi zone system. You just have to check whether your boiler is on/off or opentherm compatible. You can do this by looking up your boiler in our connection table (only available in Dutch).

When ordering a Tado thermostat, there's only one version. You either connect it to the on/off or opentherm connection in your boiler, and the rest is software related.
When ordering Evohome, you must know up front, as it either comes with an on/off relay or opentherm relay. 

Products - Multi zone - I want a multi zone system. Do I need a smart radiator valve on every radiator?

It is not mandatory to place a smart thermostatic valve on every radiator. We however do recommend it, because if a radiator is not fitted with one it cannot be controlled.

Indeed, if a radiator is open without a smart button, it is always heating when a zone requires heat, even if you do not want it warm. If it is switched on, but all your zones are up to temperature, it will never get hot. Not even if you want it warm. When it is closed, it never heats.

Keep in mind that you need a bypass in your system when you switch to smart valves. If you want one of your radiators to serve as a bypass, it must always be open.

Products - Multi zone - How do I know if my radiators are compatible with Tado or Evohome TRV's?

The Tado en Honeywell Evohome are only compatible with thermostatic valves. Below we explain how you can recognize these.

Plus and minus
The easiest way to check is by looking at your current TRV's / radiator knobs. Do you see a plus and minus on the TRV? Then it's safe to assume your valve is not thermostatic and therefore not compatible with the Tado and Evohome TRV's. You will need to have the valves replaced. Don't worry, for our Dutch customers we can replace the valves for you. Please be aware that this requires emptying your heating system of all the water inside. This does require a lot of time though. Are you interested in a quote? Please let us know via our contact form.

If you see the numbers 1 to 5 on your TRV, then it's safe to assume your valves are thermostatic. However, this does not mean they are directly compatible with the Tado or Evohome TRV's. The valves can come in different sizes. The most common one is m30 x 1,5, which is also used by Tado and Evohome. The Tado and Evohome TRV's also come with a couple of adapters, making them suitable for most valves. If you're doubting whether or not your valves are compatible, please send us a picture of both your current TRV's and valves. 

Products - Multi zone - I want a multi zone system from Tado or Evohome. Does this also work with underfloor heating?

If you have underfloor heating, and you want to include this in your multi zone system, this is possible. This works differently for Tado and Evohome.

Underfloor heating
If you have underfloor heating in your home, you have an underfloor heating distributor. The boiler supplies warm water to the distributor via your heating pipes. Pipes with warm water enter the floor from this distributor. These pipes run in a loop and thus return to the distributor. The water flows back to the boiler through your heating pipes.

With Tado you can only control an underfloor heating manifold as one zone. You do this by placing a zone valve in the supply pipe to the distributor. This valve opens or closes the pipe, which then does or does not heat the underfloor heating.
The zone valve is controlled by the Tado thermostat. For this, the thermostat must be wired to the zone valve. Please note, usually the wire from your thermostat goes to your boiler. This means you will have to install a new wire that will run to the underfloor heating distributor!
Because the Tado thermostat can only be wired to one part, it must communicate wirelessly with the boiler. This can be done by means of the Extension Kit.

With Evohome there are several options. Just like with Tado, you can choose to control it via a zone valve. With Evohome, the zone valve is controlled via a wireless on/off relay.
You can also choose to divide your underfloor heating distributor into zones. This is especially convenient if e.g. you have underfloor heating in the living room and (closed) kitchen, and you want to operate it separately. You then need an extra Honeywell HCE80 distributor and servo motors. These servo motors are placed on the connection of the pipes of the underfloor heating. Because each tube can be opened and closed in this way, you can control them separately.
Please note, you therefore need a thermostat in every zone with underfloor heating. Otherwise, the system does not know how hot it is in the zone and therefore does not know whether / when to start or stop heating.

Because the system can become very technical in combination with underfloor heating, we recommend that you have this installed by a professional.

Products - Multi zone - I have / want a multi zone system from Tado or Evohome. What can I do to make the system work safely? (bypass)

When all radiators are equipped with thermostatic valves, you need a bypass for safe operation of the multi zone system. A bypass is an extra piece in your pipes, which allows for a continuous flow of water in the pipes. The boiler has to lose its heat if there is a demand for heat while all radiators are closed. (e.g. in the summer if you use warm water). With the bypass, there is an open flow possible, causing the water to lose its heat and therefore its pressure.

If you do not install a bypass, pressure can build up in your pipes, causing your boiler to malfunction and in the worst case break down completely. You can also choose to leave 1 radiator without a thermostatic valve and knob and to have this always open. The radiator then acts as a bypass. Keep in mind that this radiator always turns on with every heat demand there is.



Products - Lighting - Is the product [x] from Osram product compatible with Philips Hue?

Osram is not an official partner of Philips Hue. That is why some Osram products do not work together with Philips Hue. The Motion Sensor is one of them. This also applies to the Osram switch. Unfortunately, you cannot link this to your Philips Hue bridge and app. The Osram Smart + Plug Indoor is compatible with Philips Hue.

Products - Lighting - Which brands work together with Philips Hue?

You can link the products of the following brands to your Philips Hue app:

  1. Innr lamps
  2. Niko switches
  3. Trust lamps

In addition, Philips Hue works together with Alexa, Apple Home Kit and Google Home!

Products - Lighting - How many Philips Hue products can I link to 1 bridge?

Officially, you can connect a maximum of 50 lamps and 10 accessories to 1 Hue bridge. Unofficially, it is possible to add a few more products, but we do not recommend this.

Products - Lighting - Can I link Hue lamps with my HiFi system or my TV?

Yes, there are options for linking your TV to Philips Hue. For this purpose, apps have been developed by third parties, such as Hue Camera. You can find many of these apps in the Hue app by going to "Discover" and then clicking on "Favourite apps".

Do you have a (new) Philips Ambilight TV? Then you can use the app Ambilight + Hue or even the app on your TV itself to link it your Hue lamps, so that they colour with your TV.

Do you want your lights to respond to music? Then there is the Hue Disco app, for example, but there are several apps that make this possible.

Hue Sync

Another way to link entertainment to Philips Hue is the Hue Sync app (for PC or Mac). This app translates what is displayed on your PC or Mac to your Hue lamps. You set your lights via the normal Hue app (Go to Discover > Hue Entertainment), then Hue Sync ensures that your lights respond to your computer screen and sound.

The disadvantage is that you have to stream movies and other multimedia via your computer to a TV or monitor. The advantage is that you can also enjoy a great light show during games!

Products - Lighting - How to reset a Philips Hue lamp with the Hue dimmer?

A non-responsive Hue lamp can be reset using the Hue Dimmer Switch. Follow the following steps:

  1. Hold the Dimmer close to the light switched on
  2. Press both the on and off button for 10 seconds
  3. The lamp will blink after 10 seconds
  4. Wait until the lamp turns on and off 3 times
  5. Your lamp has been reset!

Products - Lighting - How can I connect my Innr lamps to the Philips Hue bridge?

You can connect an Innr lamp to the Philips Hue bridge in the following way:

  1. Start the Hue app, go to 'Settings' and choose 'Lamp configuration'. Then choose '+' at the bottom right and then 'Search'.
  2. Switch the Innr lamp off and on again. The lamp flashes twice, indicating that it can be connected.
  3. When the bridge has found the lamp (this is a matter of seconds), the lamp flashes once more to confirm that it is connected to the bridge.
  4. Moments later the lamp becomes visible in the Hue app and you can operate it. This could take a while!

Products - Home Automation - Why does the brush of my Neato robot vacuum cleaner no longer work?

When the brush of your vacuum cleaner no longer works, this is often accompanied by one of the messages below. Even if you do not receive a notification, it is advisable to follow the below steps.

When you receive the message "My brush is stuck. Please remove any residual dirt." or "My brush is overloaded. Please remove any residual dirt.", make sure no dirt is wrapped around the brush.

Follow these steps to clean the brush:

  1. Hold the robot vacuum cleaner upside down. When present, remove the side brush from the robot.
  2. Place your fingers under the brush cover for the wheels and pull gently until the cover comes off. Remove the brush cover.
  3. Carefully lift the brush to pull it out of the brush casing.
  4. Remove all existing dirt. Wipe the brush blades with a damp cloth to remove dust.
  5. Replace the brush in the robot by attaching the hexagon-shaped end to the hex bolt. Check if the brush is firmly in the robot.
  6. Replace the brush cover and click it in place. Replace the side brush if present.

For the best performance, the brush must be replaced regularly. Replace the brush if the blades or bristles are damaged.

Products - Home Automation - Does a Powerline work in every outlet?

With a Powerline adapter you can turn every socket into an internet connection with wire or via Wi-Fi. We are happy to explain the differences in adapters and give advice on which solution fits your situation.

Products - Home Automation - How many Netgear Orbis do I need for a complete Wi-Fi coverage in my home?

All Netgear Orbi systems are great! What is best for you depends on what you need for your house. Every house is different. The Netgear Orbi Finder can help you find the right Orbi, so you know exactly how many nodes you need. For example, a node per floor is recommended for a three-storey house.

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